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Basics of the Food Supply Chain

Basics of the Food Supply Chain

Food supply chain is the channel that connects the suppliers to the consumers. A food supply chain starts with producers, intermediate merchants and distributors. The buyers supply the consumers with the necessary products and the retailers provide the products for the consumers. The intermediaries between the producers and the consumers are called producers brokers, which assist the producers in marketing their goods to the consumers. Retailers provide both service and products. The food supply chain is a web of relationships between different parties in the chain.

One of the basic components of the chain is the producer. The producers are the people who prepare and sell the food, including food for the children. The intermediate parties are the middlemen who carry out the marketing. They usually have their own channel for selling the product to the consumers. The consumer connects the products to the warehouse where they are stored and the warehouse then delivers the products to the retailers. There are many intermediaries in the chain. They include: the vendors, who receive the products from the wholesalers and resell the products; the manufacturers, who produce the goods and supply the intermediate parties with raw materials and their raw products; the manufacturers of goods, who produce the raw materials for the intermediate parties and the retailers, who sell the products to the consumers.

Production is the process by which raw materials are transformed into products and then distributed to the consumers. A large scale production system usually involves a chain of buyers, distributors, manufacturers and workers. A production process usually starts with a decision to grow the production and then moving to the next stage. A manufacturing process is the process of converting the raw materials into products by way of tools and machines. The transformation of raw materials in products is called manufacturing. Distribution refers to the transfer of products between different places by using the method of transportation.