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Healthy Eating Guide

Healthy Eating Guide

Everyone wants to know how to keep to a healthy diet, but they don’t always find the best resources that set them up in a way that is actually beneficial.

THe internet is a great tool, however it has essentially given everyone a voice, which means that everyone is making noise about healthy eating.

This advice is not always good advice, and we have found that aad sources of advice can be very harmful to the general public.

So we want to weight in and give people a proper guide which they can use to follow and eat good food that is good for them.

  1. Carbs Are OK

People love to tell everyone that carbs are bad, and that you should cut them out of your diet if you want to eat healthily or lose weight. The truth is, your body is fueled by carbohydrates, and they should make up at least one third of your total calorie intake. Try to include whole-wheat options, such as brown bread, brown rice, brown pasta etc.

2. Eat Fruit and Veg

We thought that everyone just knew this was a fact, but it appears that there is some people online suggesting that fruit is bad and you should not eat too much as it is unhealthy. You can never really overdo it on fruit, so aim to smash past the 5-a-day guideline and eat fruit at every snack time to feel full and energised.

3. Oily Fish is Good

Fish is a great source of protein and good fats. Oily fish are high in omega-3, which is good for you and may prevent heart disease. Try to get your fish as fresh as possible, and avoid too much frozen fish and canned fish.

4. Cut Down On Sugar And Salt

Keep added sugar and salt out of your diet, and try to get it in natural sources only.