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How Does The Media Influence Our Diets?

How Does The Media Influence Our Diets?

There are a number of ways in which the media can influence our diets. Day by day different advertisements are launched by fast food giants as well as other food companies on tv as well as the internet in order to promote their products and services. Chains such as McDonald’s have proved to be extremely popular amongst the UK public. However , this kind of diet can be very damaging to your health overall.

Let’s analyse how big an impact the media can have on our diets and what can be done in order to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

Understanding The Impact Of The Media

When trying to understand the impact of the media on our diets , one of the best ways to process this is first realise how much we use and rely on media day to day. Every day , a large majority of the population in the UK or US will use their mobile phones at some point or another.

Whilst using their phones , much of this target audience is often exposed to a high number of advertisements. Amongst the highest spenders on advertisements are fast food giants such as Mcdonalds. These food companies capitalise on paid media adverts in order to appeal to young people and attract them into their restaurants.

However, one of the issues with this practice is that there are few safeguards or restrictions to protect people from this form of advertising and this means that it can prove to be very taxing on peoples general health as well as overall mental well being.

How Can We Change Diets And Eating Habits?

In order for people to take an increasingly more close look at their diets , it is important that media is produced to highlight the benefits of healthy eating. This would normally come in the form of the government making programmes through which they could highlight the overall benefits and health effects of healthy eating overall.

In addition to government programmes and advertisements , it is important that there is education about food and nutrition in schools as well as nurseries. This is important as it would pass valuable knowledge on to future generations about how food can affect their health and why it is so important to eat healthily.

One of the ways this issue is already highlighted in education is through subjects such as home economics. This type of subject teaches pupils about basic household tasks such as cooking , sewing etc and is very important for building skills for the future.

Another key way in which diets can be changed and improved is through guidance from friends and family. In order to facilitate this it is important that community meetings as well as government initiatives are held in order to spread information about this important issue. The more awareness there is in wider communities then the better the message can be spread overall.


In conclusion healthy eating is paramount in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and in the present climate not enough is being done to promote this message via the media.