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SDTM Mapping Tools Helping Coronavirus

SDTM Mapping Tools Helping Coronavirus

The recent arrival of the coronavirus or COVID-19 as it is referred to in the scientific community has created immense problems for people all around the world.  Taking on this virus is proving to be very difficult, however there are data companies that specialise in SDTM mapping tools are helping the companies that are on the front line of controlling this virus by creating a vaccine. While a vaccine might still be quite a while away, increasing the speed of the process of creating a vaccine is very important at this stage. For every week that it takes to create a vaccine, even more people are dying around the world.  Finding the coronavirus vaccine quickly and effectively is one of the top priorities at the moment for pharmaceutical companies.

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SDTM Mapping Tools Explained

All new drugs must go through the regulation process after it has been developed and gone through the various stages of clinical trials.  This also applies for new food products, as they have to be tested to make sure that they are adequate for human consumption. For new drugs like the coronavirus vaccine, this very important process can sometimes take up to 15 years to complete, which is time that we do not have in this current situation.  SDTM mapping tools can drastically reduce the time required to get a new drug through the regulators, which means it can get out into circulation faster.

sdtm mapping tools

Speed Up Data Logging

The best thing about using these types of programs is that they can be programmed to get data before the testing even begins.  Once the data starts being generated, the software then automates the gathering of the data.  This not only speeds up the process, but it also means there is less errors in the data.


Unprecedented Times

Something has happened recently in the UK that has completely gone against the standard procedure for new drugs.  A lab in the UK has decided to reduce the animal testing period, and progress straight onto the human trials.  While this may seem extreme, it does highlights the urgency of this unprecedented issue.  Experts are stating that the standard route is not adequate, and a vaccine could be 10 years away.  At the current virus spread, this is not soon enough, so something has to be done to cut the timeframe down.

The New Approach

There are of course sceptics that say that rushing any unproven vaccine through the trials procedure is not going to turn out well.  However, industry experts are stating that, given the circumstances, any and all possibilities must be explored.  If the vaccine is going to be ready, we must make some changes to how we approach the matter, even if this means breaking protocol.  It is clear that we are in a tough situation, and we were very quickly overwhelmed by this virus, so we have to go against the current and do things in a way that are still based on information, but different in the approach.